Offical Wallet updates

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Offical Wallet updates

Повідомлення aiwe » 12 жовтня 2017, 11:20

New wallet v. 1.1.8 is out now.


What's new:
    Mnemonic seed (deterministic wallet)
    Automatic wallet backup
    Various bugfixes and improvements (Errors alerts, Settings menu fix for Windows)

In this update we present new way of generating wallets by default, - now they are deterministic and have Monero style 25-word mnemonic seed that allows to restore wallet. The seed is compatible with Monero and potentially one seed can be used to creat wallets for both coins. Monero code and vocabularies were used.   We hope this will improve the safety of user's wallets along with automatic wallet file backup, that was introduced in response to requests from users who accidentially deleted their wallets or whose wallet files were corrupted.

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Re: Offical Wallet updates

Повідомлення Hanoi » 02 листопада 2017, 19:00

Для синхронізації з мережею електронного карбованця необхідно завантажити останню версію програми на офіційному сайті.

Остання версія 1.1.9 8-)

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